Insurance Claim Process on Window and Roof replacement

How to Make a Insurance Claim

Contact your insurance agent or JRC Exterior Solutions if you have had hail or high wind in your neighborhood. You will be assigned a claim number and an adjuster to inspect your property. The adjuster will make an estimate of the damages incurred. JRC Exterior Solutions will work with you as needed to assure you receive a fair insurance claim settlement.

Roof Inspection

The adjuster will need permission to climb your roof and inspect it for signs of damage. In the case of hail or wind damage, the adjuster will measure out a “test square” on every slope of your roof. The damage being looked for are breaks, splits or lifted shingles per “square”. Your home owners insurance will pay to repair or replace your roof, less the cost of your deductible. You are entitled to have your contractor-of-choice represent you during the adjustment process. This will save you from time off from work and the general headache of the claims process.