Are you looking for Commercial Windows to be installed or replaced?

Do you live in Denver, Colorado or its surrounding areas and you are looking for the perfect commercial windows to enhance your building’s appearance? Then this article is strictly for you.

Several reasons may trigger the need to re-do your office window. It could be due to aging factor, breakage or just for the change of aesthetics. Whatever the case may be, making sure you get the best for your investment is extremely important.

Commercial Windows Options

When it comes to commercial windows, you have the convenience to choose from different kinds of frames and material depending on your needs. These may include wood, vinyl, steel, aluminum, fiberglass, and composite. Apart from the fact that commercial windows are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, and design, the frames that have been introduced in the recent times are also economical, energy efficient, weather-proofed, cost-friendly and easy to maintain. This implies you can significantly reduce your electricity bill up to 50%.

Let’s quickly consider some windows that are good for commercial purposes

Bay windows or casement windows

These frames are simple and can easily match with the office theme. They protrude outside your building and give you more area to capture daylight. They are easy to operate, efficient and are also available in different matching colors to add a stylish touch to your office.

Awning Windows

If your window is in the attic, basement or in an area where it rains a lot, Awning window is the commercial window to consider. It features a series of high hinged vertical sections that allow passage of air but stops rainwater and moisture from getting through.

Single-Hung Windows

These kinds of windows are a small sight in the Denver area. It consists of two panes attached horizontally. One pane is fixed (usually the top one) and the other is free to move up and down. It is an excellent option for those looking at traditional commercial window replacement options.

Double Hung Windows

They are similar to single-hung windows apart from the fact that both panes are moveable. If Single-hung window represents the traditional commercial window, double-hung represents the modern version of it. It gives you multiple ventilation options plus ease of maintenance and upkeep.

Sliding Windows

This is the vertical version of hung windows. The door is fitted with a glass and can slide either way depending on the design. It is one of the most used commercial windows in Denver Colorado and its surrounding areas. It can also be seen in the residential setting making it an easy choice for all.

Customized Windows

These are the windows that you get designed yourself. This can be because of the peculiar nature of the space and area where the building is located. This type of commercial window must be installed by a professional. They will also advise you on the dos and don’ts of such a design.

Buying commercial windows in Denver Colorado

When your project requires commercial windows with a special color appeal, energy savings, and style, JRC External Solutions is the perfect choice. Our range of commercial windows will help reduce your heating costs, and your property will benefit from sound insulation and improved energy conservation. The windows are durable, secure, and require less maintenance.

Commercial window installation

Once, you have purchased a window for your business building, it is also important you get a professional to install it properly. For your next commercial windows installation in Denver Colorado and its surrounding areas, consider JRC External Solutions. Our team of commercial windows contractors is well-experienced and will work according to your specifications.

We have installed commercial windows for several different buildings, including historic buildings, new buildings and existing ones. Each commercial window installation is exceptional, and we have the expertise to assure you that your project is unique and your windows will suit your building.

Our service areas include Denver Colorado and its surrounding areas such as Brighton, Highlands, Lakewood, and Ft Collins. At JRC External Solutions, we aim to complete every installation using top quality materials and ensure you are satisfied with the final result. Book an appointment with us today and let’s further discuss your project needs.