Choosing a contractor for your commercial roofing in Denver Colorado

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Choosing a contractor for your commercial roofing in Denver Colorado

Whether you are planning to repair, replace, or even install new commercial roofing in Denver Colorado, and its surrounding areas, especially in areas like Brighton, Highlands, Lakewood, and Ft Collins, there are lots of contractors available for you to choose from. However, before hiring any, the quality of material and their skill level, and other important factors must be considered to enable you to make an informed decision. A proficient commercial roofing firm will offer lots of information while inspecting the roof, including detailed descriptions of all problem locations, what they did to fix it, the present roofing system, a list of any suggested repairs or replacements that will make the roof stronger and increase its lifespan, as well as an estimate of the lifecycle of the existing commercial roofing system.

From repairs to complete replacement to choosing the kind of roofing that suits your environment and needs, the team of experts at JRC follows industry best practices to ensure that your repair or replacement is of the highest quality. With JRC, rest assured we will help you take the right decision and also assist you in the execution of the plan from start to finish.

Do you need an expert for your next commercial roofing in Denver or its surrounding areas, call us at 303-916-1488.

Tips For Hiring A Reliable Commercial General Contractor

Commercial General Contractor Hiring Tips


Now that you’ve made up your mind to hire the right commercial general contractor to ensure the success of your business’s project, consider the few tips below:

Contact previous clients:

Make inquiries from previous clients. Ask if they were happy with the company, and would be glad to recommend them.

Carefully check their Credentials:

Don’t be afraid to ask contractors for references. Contact at least 3 different firms, and request for a copy of their licenses to see if they are duly registered. It is important to know if they have been involved in any lawsuits. If the contractor shows any hesitancy or inability to provide credentials, consider this as a red flag. Family and friends are NOT standard valid references. Keep in mind, hiring a contractor is committing to be working with them for months and longer. Make sure the contractor will deliver as promised.


Once you have narrowed down the list of General Contractors, then it is time to ask for an estimate for your project plans. Ensure that all General Contractors you shortlisted are given the same specifications, requirements and time frames. If you see a quote that is extremely low or high, then you need to ask why. An extremely low quote is a sign of general contractors who are either desperate or very inexperienced. Avoid general contractors that only offer you a quote over the phone. A reputable commercial general contractor in Denver, Colorado will visit you and estimate the cost physically.

Some questions about pricing could be:
– Are there any pre-construction costs and if so, what are they?
– What are the “soft costs?”

Apart from pricing, checking of credentials, and previous clients, examine reliability and quality service. This should give a clear signal about their expertise in the course of the estimate process.

JRC Exterior Solutions offers General Contractor Services

While choosing a commercial general contractor in Colorado, can be a daunting task, you will never regret working with JRC Exterior Solutions. What kind of commercial project are you looking to execute? Our expert team offers professional and customized construction services in Denver, Colorado and its surrounding areas. Our commitment to honesty, integrity, and quality service are some of those things that set us apart from the competition.  You can book an appointment with our commercial general contractors in your locality to further discuss your project needs.

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