We provide gutter repair services

damaged gutter repair replacementIf you are in need of gutter repair services, JRC Exterior Solutions can help. Damage to a home’s gutters can cause many unexpected problems. Light to extreme weather conditions can clog or damage gutters over time. This doesn’t sound so bad, right?

Wrong! If your gutters are blocked, broken or not functioning properly, rainwater can accumulate on the ground and seep into a home’s foundation. This is not only a health risk, as it can act as a breeding ground for insects, vermin, algae, spores, but also a major concern for a home’s foundation.

Water leaks are the number one cause of foundational damage to a home reported by Associated General Contractors of America.

Minor foundation repairs start at cost of $1000 to $3000, while in the case of more extensive damage, raising a home’s foundation will run anywhere from $20,000 to $30,000. If by chance, you need more information about roof replacement or repair, please review our other services as well.

Common gutter problems

Generally, gutters are of a relatively simple design but there are a few major ways they can fail at the worst moment. The most likely causes of gutter damage include:

  1. Leaks. They often occur at the joints that link sections of gutter, and may only require resealing. Leaks can also occur as cracks grow in the gutters from corrosion or other damage. It is quite easy to patch these leaks, but it will likely be a recurring problem.
  2. Blockages. This is one of the most common gutter problems our clients have. Gutters are often clogged with debris over time with things such as build-up from natural materials like leaves or from unnatural materials like tennis balls.
  3. Sagging structure. This type of damage might require gutter repair, as it is most likely the result of a broken hanger or spike. Acting quickly when you notice your gutters leaning down or pulling away from the house can help avoid rotting fascia board and total gutter collapse.

Gutter Repair Services

Over time gutter end caps and connections may come loose, sag, leak, or pull away from the fascia, negating their ability to catch and channel rainwater. Although gutters systems are long-lasting (20-30 years), that doesn’t mean that they never need repairs. Gutter repairs and installation can often be prevented, by regularly cleaning your gutters you can extend its life.

Winds and heavy rainstorms can be taxing your gutters, especially if they get clogged with leaves and debris. To determine whether it is time to repair or replace your gutters, it is best you check the extent of the damage. If you notice only one or two trouble spots after a thorough search, then they should be easy to fix. If you are having problems doing this yourself, you can call JRC Exterior Solutions for professional gutter repair services. We’ll walk you the entire process as we help you to repair your gutters so they function like the day they were installed.

Gutter Installation

However, if you already have damaged gutters or notice multiple sections of your gutters are giving you problems, even after several repairs. You should save yourself a headache and replace your gutters. While many problems can be repaired, sometimes you just need to go ahead and replace your gutters. If you are not sure or you feel uncomfortable making the call yourself, you can call JRC Exterior Solutions and we’ll send out a reputable professional to look at your gutters and give you an assessment.